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Business activity

Our firm is a limited liability company wholly owned by private individuals. The objective identified by the owners at the time of foundation was to provide highly qualified Hungarian staff to meet the installation industry needs of the developing chemical industry of the European Union market in the following trades:

  • TÜV qualified welder,
  • pipe fitter,
  • steel structure locksmith,
  • pipe insulator,
  • painter (surface protection),
  • air technology mechanic,
  • Scaffolder

The scope of our activities include industrial erection and construction, building of pipeline systems, heat treatment, pre-fabrication and assembly of steel structures, insulation and anti-corrosion protection.


We currently have an average staff of 500, who mostly speak German and some of them English, with experience in working abroad.
Our senior personnel are economists, MBA, production technologists, welding engineers, technicians and quality assurance managers. As a subcontractor of German main contracting companies, our market share has grown continuously.

The future

However, the further development of the company could only be ensured by launching activities in other EU member states. Therefore, contacts had to be made – primarily in German speaking areas – with companies which were prepared to employ us as a subcontractor in order to accomplish this aim.
Today we work in several European countries and have completed successful reference projects.
It is one of our future objectives to have highly qualified capacities both vertically and horizontally in the field of technological pipe fitting, thereby being able to meet customer demands in a complex way.
Adjusting flexibly to the market needs, we also have major air technology preparation and installation capacities and we have contributed to the implementation of significant facilities in several countries.

Training centre

In order to cater for flexibility and uniform quality, we have set up our own welder centre, where the following activities are performed:

  • Testing and hands-on training of qualified welders
  • Welding skills training
  • Preparation for and conducting a TÜV examination
  • Testing and training of qualified pipe fitters
  • On-site testing and examination if necessary

The training centre is also functioning as a TÜV accredited examination centre, which we have developed into a high capacity base equipped with one of the most advanced facilities today in central Europe.


The crucial merits of our market strategy are as follows: flexible adjustment to the market needs, high quality performance, accuracy and reliability.